Why is it important for everyone to know and perform Ancestral Duty?

Why is it important for everyone to know and perform Ancestral Duty?

Why is it important for everyone to know and perform Ancestral Duty?

Do you remember when your SOUL was going on the road to this incarnation and packing a backpack? At that moment, ancestors came to visit her and asked her to send the parcel to the Earth. And for this service, ancestors promised to provide the SOUL with health, energy, longevity, as well as the birth of healthy, beautiful and talented descendants. (There are not only our children, but also our grandchildren and great-grandchildren).
Why we should do this task from ancestors?

Well, you already understood about health and descendants.

There are specialists who see the subtle bodies of a person. Let's call them conditionally - bioenergetics. They all say in unison that every person has 2 pipes (energy, of course) in the kidney area. These are ancestral channels.

It is believed that one channel comes from the ancestors of the father line, and the second from the ancestors of the mother line.

So, these are our cords with which we are connected to a 220 volt outlet. Through them we get the necessary electricity for our "electric car" or body.

So, if there is current in the wires, our «car» drives fast and well. There is little or no current, then we don’t have power to drive.

Everything is simple.

❗Important information for ladies:

If you do not have the energy from your ancestors (or very little of it), then you will have difficulties in creating a family or permanent relationships. In ancient times, this was called the "BRIDE" sign. It seems that she is pretty and smart, but no one wants to marry her. And with the birth of children, too, difficulties. There are no physiological problems, but it does not work out to give birth.

Partners unconsciously do not perceive such people with their «energy radar» as a potential mother / father of their future children.

This indicates that you do not have energy (current 220 volts).

Where to get it? Only from your Ancestral Duty, performing the task.

Numerology calculates your unique individual task that your ancestors set for you!