Maybe your relationship is karmic

Maybe your relationship is karmic

This topic has always been my favorite.

Since this is the most popular question: “You said that we have a karmic relationship, should we get a divorce now?”

Your most popular misconceptions:
  1. Karmic relationships are bad.
  2. Such relationships should be avoided.
  3. If your union is karmic, you urgently need to get divorced
  4. It's something about magic and past lives. @numerolog_chistofat

In order to understand what it is and how to live with it, you need to understand what KARMA is in general. Each of us has our own personal KARMA, like a set of lessons to work through. Personal to-do list. And of course this list is based on the result of a past life. Such a work on the mistakes.

And in order for us to recreate the scenario of the lesson according to our karma - how else can we check whether we have grown spiritually, whether we have learned the lesson, whether we will do the right thing this time or fail the task again? - we need other actors/characters/people. Life is not a game of one actor. Our scripts are multifaceted and beautiful, and they require the participation of many people.

Here we have spouses, children, mothers-in-law, mistresses, business partners, our parents and even a hated neighbor. And with everyone there can be karmic relationships. @numerolog_chistofat
SO WHAT TO DO if you are already in a KARMIC RELATIONSHIP?

  1. Understand what SPECIFIC karmic lessons you are practicing!
  2. RECOGNIZE and accept this information.
  3. Work on your specific lesson and bring KARMA to "PLUS".

Did you know that karma has more than just a punishment for us? If the lesson is worked out externally or in advance, then karma has a set of gifts for us in life for this. Specific GIFTS for specific LESSONS!

What exactly needs to be worked out and WHAT will happen to us for it - it's all very individual. For specifics, I'm waiting for you for a consultation.