The scourge of our time is "TO LOOK LIKE, NOT TO BE".

The scourge of our time is "TO LOOK LIKE, NOT TO BE".

From my experience, I can say that the main problem of our generation is the huge abundance of information in the public domain - these are social networks, endless TV channels, YouTube, online movies, etc.

We now have such a huge number of temptations to occupy our minds (just scrolling the Instagram is worth it) - if only not to think about our lives.

I often start a dialogue with my clients with the question: “What is your goal now? What are you working on now?"

And in most cases I see a complete lack of understanding in the eyes!

The person is lost and begins to convulsively select rash answers. If only not to seem somehow "not like everyone else."

The scourge of our time is "TO LOOK LIKE, NOT TO BE". You post photos in your Porche for everyone to look and envy. You check the number of likes every 10 minutes after posting a cool new photo.

But behind the scenes, it remains that your Porche is actually very used and 15 years old, that you live in a small apartment on the outskirts of the city, and you have a complete failure in your career.

So, in my opinion, the main problem is that we don’t have time to think about our lives, put things in order, set priorities, deal with the system of values ​​that makes sense just for us (not to be confused with the society with banal value systems).

Decide who we really are, what role we play for others and WHAT we want from our lives.

This is what we do during consultation. We “unpack” your personality, determine your priorities, build your goals and impose a certain timing on each of them.

I want warn you, no fortune-telling on coffee, austerities, vipassan, flows and insights. Only constructive and systematic work on yourself😉